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The Details

Infrared sauna therapy can detox the body, increase calorie burn, and speed up workout recovery. Rumble's infrared saunas are the perfect workout partner — before or after class — to take those 🔥 results to the next level.

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The benefits

of infrared therapy


Infrared therapy has been shown to rid the body of heavy metals, radiation, and toxic chemicals.

Calorie Burn

Burn calories while you relax in a sauna... It's a real thing. Infrared therapy can produce the same increase in heart rate, circulation and sweat as a moderate cardio session.

Glow Up

Infrared therapy can boost collagen to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture & tone.

Workout Recovery

Infrared therapy can increase blood circulation to relieve post-workout soreness and enhance workout recovery.

Chill Out

Infrared therapy can decrease cortisol — the stress hormone — to relax the body and the mind.


Rumble's infrared saunas utilize chromotherapy - a.k.a. color therapy - to provide an individualized detox experience.

20-minute sessions


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Infrared saunas can increase calorie burn, reduce muscle soreness and enhance workout recovery.

Magic elves. (Kidding.) Infrared saunas heat the body directly — instead of the air around you — providing a deeper, internal sweat and intensified detox benefits.

Please arrive 15 minutes early, and hydrate before and during your session.

Our infrared saunas are located in the men's and women's locker rooms, so you can change right before your session. We'll provide you with towels. Consider bringing comfortable clothing to change into after your session.

Rumble's infrared saunas are available at our Washington, D.C. location and our Upper East Side location in New York City.

Both! Our infrared saunas are the perfect workout complement, before or after class. Not coming in for class? Feel free to drop in for a sauna session.